Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Experience Is Important (English)

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In my article this time talking about the experience. In fact it is a matter of education and experience that is essential for every human being. It very prominent among them is if we can find the education and experience to do their own. To get the experience that many of us must have the courage to try thingsnothing new. Do not be afraid to do things we've never done. Because it certainly helps. Although we did not reach our goal but at least we've got the experience of the journey itself.In a sense we've done in the middle of a journey and the journey we have inadvertently getting new things or the terms of the new term. Though it is when we were on our way at times to go faster and there is time to slow careful.Like when the streets were deserted, the weather was sunny, and a smooth road so we can go quickly. But when we are faced with a slippery road due to rainwater/snow later with uneven roads (many holes everywhere) then we have to be careful in passing the road.It could be we are going to slip and fall on the road. Or even more tragic that we could be hit by a fairly deep hole and then fall towards the bus that was behind us.

Should that be done when looking for experience, we must know when to fast and when time to slow down. At fast maybe we just need to pass it in order not to waste time and take his essence alone. Conversely if it is slowing is carefully studying the situation and considering what was there.

Looking penglaman should not be too often in the influence of others,because the steps we may be limited by regulations. Perform is to own if you can, but by ignoring the opinion of others as well.

In search of experience sometimes we get a problem that should be dealt with there and then. Have you ever heard a story about someone who lost money in the barn that was dark but he just look at the main door. Security officers at the scene was also approached and asked ...

Officer: "what you are looking for?"

Someone: "Hmm, my money has lost"

Officer: "Weve loss where?"

Someone: "3 pack barn floor ..."

Officer: "Looh??, Really looked for it here sir?

you should be right there in the barn ... "

Someone: "They wear dark warehouse, if it looks bright here."

Officer:? @ # $ #!%:

The moral is that we get the story above is that we should resolve the problem in place. Although the situation is as difficult or as dark as any place we have to solve it as well, and in short possible time. Because the more we ignore it the greater the disadvantage that we get both material losses and non-material losses.